Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bollywood is still enchanting me. I came across this list of effects that Bollywood can have on non-indians and I could identify with so many of them!
  • replacing the wallpaper pictures on the computer with pictures of Bollywood stars
  • spreading the word to their loved ones saying how great the movies are
  • considering Bollywood as their new Hollywood
  • thinking about things which haven’t been noticed before in a different way
  • becoming also fans of India
  • willing to do something for the people in India to support them
  • decorating their room in Indian style
  • listening to Indian songs only
  • feeling simply happier
  • turning their life into a more positive one
  • thinking differently when it comes to love
  • looking forward of getting home to watch another new film release
  • after six years of being online finally learnt how to chat with other Bollywood fans
  • are able to show emotions more openly which was difficult in the past
  • collecting DVDs, pictures, CDs and Saris
  • learning how to cry which never happened in an Hollywood movie
  • becoming more sensitive
  • having finally found a great hobby
  • wanting to learn Hindi
  • shifting the addiction from Hollywood to Bollywood
  • convinced that true love can really exist
  • now respecting people more then they did in the past
    helping people if in trouble
  • changing their attire to look more attractive
  • listening to their heart rather than reason
  • learning more about foreign cultures and being more open-minded
  • considering life more beautiful
  • filling the gap of a missing partner’s kisses and hugs
  • becoming more aware and noticing more often Indian stuff on a daily basis
  • improving their English due to the subtitles (!!!!)
  • finding new friends through the internet
  • smiling more frequently
  • loving life much more and having more fun
  • loving black hair women rather than blond ones
  • becoming a fan of Indian food/jewellery and garments
  • being used to collect stamps, while now saris are being collected
  • getting to know new interesting like-minded people
  • feeling inspired by dancing

Diya Deepak dancing Des Rangeela

Ghulam - Aankhon se toona