Sunday, June 3, 2007


For most of my adolescence and part of adult years, I used to keep a diary. I think it used to keep my mind focused and alert. It also probably helped me develop a love for writing. But somehow I stopped writing for a long while but always had this urge to write. I would start something and never finish it until I wrote a short story which I submitted for two competitions!! It won both! Up to this day, I am unable to explain how I wrote that story within a week. All I can remember is sitting at my computer every evening at the same time even though I did not have a clue what I was going to write. I forced myself into that discipline and the result was quite astonishing. How come I never repeated the experience? I don't know. So here I am hoping that blogging will help me to do just that. I have a number of writing projects. Mainly about my work - with children but also I want to produce pertinent articles for the pro-life cause. And again, I feel "paralyzed" at the idea of even starting! Discipline - I think this is what I need...

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HoHo said...

I also kept a diary but this was mainly I think to force myself remembering what happened during the day or past days if I missed a day/s. I don't quite know when I stopped .... maybe 10/15 years ago. But looking back, I can say that that was not a very good decision. My memory which was quite good has started failing me more and more up to now! In 2005, I decided taking dancing lessons ... This is a very good exercise for the memory!

What about publishing your winning stories on the blog? I recall reading at least one of them but do not quite remember. Would love to read them again.

As you've been gifted to write, keep it on!

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