Sunday, October 3, 2010

Indian Horizons

I have toyed with the idea of changing the name of my blog to 'Indian Horizons' but then I thought that given the explanation above - there is no need.  It's just that at this point in time, I am looking in that direction and looking persistently!!  It is true that both India and my own country share the same ocean - the Indian Ocean - but at the moment, I cannot see India on the horizon but only through films, books, songs, dances, Indians I am privileged to meet and in my own dreams...
I have just finished a beautiful book by Amitav Ghosh - Sea of Poppies - which delighted me because my little island is part of it - although it is called Mareech in there!  I am impatient to read its sequel... hoping it will be set here and telling us what happens to Kalua and Deeti and all who landed here...
I have also become an unconditional fan of Aamir Khan and have built up a collection of his films.  I have watched like twenty of his films.  Among the pre-Lagaan ones, there is one that I think really brings out the superb actor that he is - Ghulam.  I just love him in there!  I was glad to hear him say recently that he has no intention of leaving Indian cinema for Hollywood as some have suggested to him.
May we see more of him and his productions.  Impatiently awaiting 'Dhobi Ghat' and 'Delhi Belly'... Seems that I won't get my Christmas present this year as it was the case for Ghajini and 3 idiots... :-((

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Diya Deepak dancing Des Rangeela

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